Terms and conditions - Proudman Plastering Ltd

1: Estimates are provided free of charge.

2: An email address and contact telephone number is required to enable us to issue the estimate. 

3: Estimates will be sent to your specified email, or if you do not have access to email, they can be sent to a mobile phone via text message, they will not be given verbally. 

4: You will be required to accept/decline the estimate.

5: By accepting the estimate in any format i.e. via the portal, by email, phone call, text message, whatsapp or messenger you agree to adhere to our terms and conditions. 

6: The estimate is open for acceptance for 14 days from date of estimate.

7: Work can be booked in for an advance date past the 14 days as long as acceptance to go ahead with work is confirmed by the 14 day deadline.

8: Full payment due upon completion of work, unless an agreed payment plan/schedule has been agreed. 

9: The area where the plastering/rendering work is to be carried must be as empty/clear as possible to enable staff to move freely without health and safety issues. 

10: Proudman Plastering Ltd will not move furniture/items due to Health and Safety. This will need to be carried out before plastering/rendering work is started. 

11: Proudman Plastering Ltd are not responsible for any damage to any items left in the area where the plastering/rendering work is to carried out.

12: Access to water and electrical supply is required.

13: If asbestos (which could cause a Health and Safety risk to any persons) is found while carrying out plastering work, work will be stopped immediately and you will be notified. You will need to arrange for an asbestos specialist to visit your property and carry out an asbestos survey. It will not be possible to continue work until approval has been given by the asbestos specialist. This is to be arranged and paid for by yourself and confirmation of approval will need to be witnessed before work can continue. 

14: If you need to postpone the initial planned start date, please contact Proudman Plastering Ltd to avoid cancellation fees.

15: Additional work required/requested not stated on the original estimate provided will be charged at an additional rate, but will always be discussed with you beforehand before proceeding.

16: Materials remain the property of Proudman Plastering Ltd until payment in full has been received.

17: We have the right to charge interest for late payments (The standard rate is set at 8% ) and will do so if the payment terms are not adhered to.

18: If payment is not received and you have failed to enter into communication with us to discuss repayment of the debt, we will have no other option than to start legal proceedings to recover the debt. You will be notified in writing that we will be pursuing our legal right to recover the debt. 

19: If we need to pursue the debt through the legal system,  we have the right to claim reasonable debt recovery costs.

20: Acceptance to go ahead with the planned work detailed on the estimate forms a legally binding document agreeing to the terms and conditions set out therein. 

21: Once you have confirmed the estimate is acceptable, we will liaise with you to arrange a start date.

22: All British Gypsum plastering work is backed with a 2 year guarantee (unless indicated to you otherwise). This is offered through the British Gypsum Certified Plasterer Scheme that Proudman Plastering Ltd belong to. 

23: Photos of the work carried out will be taken and used as advertising material on our website or social media platforms, granted permission will be assumed unless stated otherwise. We will not however, provide address details on any advertising material.

24: Testimonials received from any format e.g telephone calls, emails, facebook, messenger, whatsapp etc will be used for our testimonial page on this website. Granted permission will be presumed unless indicated otherwise. 

25: Your data will be stored securely and not released to any third parties for any reason. 4

26: Should you with to contact previous/existing customers to discuss our quality of work and professionalism,  we have to inform you that we cannot provide you with customer details as this is a breach of data protection. 

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Tel: 01325 389353

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