Elwick Church

Proudman Plastering Ltd recently carried out Lath Lime plaster repair work at the lovely Elwick Church. Below are some photos before, during and on completion of the project. 

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This is the completed look, after the old plaster and timbers have been removed up to a solid point (where there were no damp issues) and new laths and timbers replaced and a Lime Plaster system applied, This will take time to dry out. Once the plaster has dried, it will be ready for a breathable paint or Lime wash to be applied. 

During - Before any repair work could start, all the damaged plaster and timber had to be removed. Care needs to be taken to avoid damaging any further plaster work surrounding the problem areas. 

Before  - We were called to assess the damage caused by rising damp. As you can see the damage was quite extensive.

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